Ken LeBrun Ordained to the Gospel Ministry

It was on a mountainside beneath some sheltering trees where Jesus called the twelve disciples and sent them out to preach. Ken LeBrun chose a similar setting for his ordination to the ministry.

This special service took place on Sabbath, June 28, at Fish Creek Meadows near Kamiah, Idaho. The park pavilion was crowded with church members from his present district and family and friends from around the nation. A carload of people from one of his previous churches in Missouri drove the entire distance to surprised LeBrun.

LeBrun's family sang some inspirational songs written by him. Max Torkelsen II, Upper Columbia Conference president, along with Gordon Pifher, secretary, and Gerald Haeger, ministerial director, participated in a personalized service to confirm the call that God already gave to LeBrun. LeBrun's son, Caleb, provided a colorful and affirming historical record of his father's ministry, which includes work as a teacher, literature evangelist, Bible worker, chaplain, musician and pastor in the Kamiah and Grangeville district.

LeBrun and his wife, Paula, married in 1979, and he graduated from Southern Missionary College (now Southern Adventist University) in 1981 with a bachelor's degree in theology.

Featured in: September 2003


Kathy Marson

Upper Columbia Conference communication administrative assistant