Riverside Church Wins eChurch Award for February

The web site of the Riverside Church in Washougal, Wash., received the eChurch Award for February 2003. The Riverside Church web site, www.riversidesda.com, is complete with a picture of the church, location information, and is easy to navigate throughout.

The church’s web site was completed in its present form and address in December, 2002. Web master David Buxton said that the web site averaged 60 visitors a day during February and the visitor counter passed 3000 a couple of days later. “The NAD eChurch award has brought an increase in the volume of quality visitors to our website and a surprising number of those visitors are from far flung places like South Africa, Australia, and the European countries,” he said. “We would like to think that eVisitors will be impressed by our congregation as they look through the eWindows of our church. They can be a virtual member of our church even if they live in Australia.”

The eChurch award was established, beginning in January 2003, to encourage web excellence among Adventist churches by the North American Division office of communication, PlusLine and TAGnet (the information desk and web service, respectively, for Adventist churches). Each month a church web site will be designated as the “Outstanding Web Site of the Month” and will receive special recognition. A yearly finalist will be selected from one of the monthly winners.

“The ingredients of a good church website are an active church with members willing to contribute content and a webmaster to put it all together,” Buxton said.

The web site evaluation criteria include items like: Does the web site load in 10 seconds or less? Does the web site truly feature the local church? Is the content up to date? Is the church’s contact information available and are the service times listed? Is the design pleasing and is it easy to navigate?

Visit the PlusLine web site at www.PlusLine.org to view additional criteria and to nominate a church web site to be considered for an award. •

Featured in: April 2003