Executive Committee Elects New Treasurer, Editor

In actions taken by the North Pacific Union Conference Executive Committee in September, Norman Klam was elected as treasurer and Dick Dower was approved as GLEANER editor.

Klam will fill the vacancy left by the departure of Benny Moore, who recently took a position at the Voice of Prophecy in Southern California. Klam, who was Oregon Conference treasurer from 1986 to 1992, is currently treasurer for the Lake Union Conference, with headquarters in Berrien Springs, Mich.

Dower will step in to replace outgoing GLEANER editor, Edwin A. Schwisow, who has edited the magazine for nearly 12 years. Dower’s wife, Nadine, will also join the communication department, as GLEANER managing editor.

The Dowers currently serve the Lake Union Conference, directing the communication work there.

Klam and the Dowers will transition into these positions this month.

Featured in: December 2002