They Said It

Giving Back

"Pastors and their families are always giving, giving, giving. We wanted to give back to them, to make them feel loved and cared for."

—Alphonso McCarthy, North Pacific Union Conference vice president for regional affairs and children's activities coordinator for the event

Belief in Our University

"The secret is this: We believe in Walla Walla University. And we're eager to share it with others. Whether it was faculty, staff, students, alumni or members of our community, we simply stated our needs and they signed right up to help. As far as my time, I started to keep a list of hours, but eventually tossed it out. For me and our Walla Walla University team, this wasn't about how much time it took. Our concern was making the event itself the best it could be."

— Pam McVay, on-campus event coordinator (when asked how she found more than 200 volunteers to help)

Spirit-led Leadership

"I believe the prayerful discussions and decisions made during the session demonstrate the God-inspired beauty of our system of governance. Even when questions were raised during some of the discussions, the attitude demonstrated gave evidence of God's presence and guidance. We are blessed to have Spirit-led leadership at the North Pacific Union Conference."

— Al Reimche, Oregon Conference president

Making a Positive Difference

"I asked myself the question: 'Are we as a church making a difference in the world?' Ten years ago, a group of religious fanatics full of hatred, planned and destroyed the lives of thousands of people. On the contrary, we met on this beautiful campus to find ways to build the lives of millions who suffer rejection, hatred and abuse."

— Ramon Canals, NPUC vice president for Hispanic ministries

Featured in: November 2011