Intro to Interview

July 01, 2011

Is early childhood education a dilemma or an opportunity? Biblical counsel and words from Ellen White have gifted us with a unique perspective on the importance of parental presence in training our "little lambs."

But in spite of this ideal, cultural realities and personal choices have brought increasing numbers of young children to day-care centers in our communities — and not a few from Adventist families. We honor parents who make the choice to be home with their children, but many have not found that possible.

So, reality becomes an opportunity. Adventist-operated Early Child Educational Centers throughout the Northwest are community service efforts following the Bible principle to "train up a child in the way he should go."

Sue Patzer, our North Pacific Union Conference Early Childhood Education coordinator, is working with our local conferences and ECEC programs around the Northwest to encourage quality care and safe, sound educational experiences. We pray the bonds created between teachers, children and parents will provide a bridge to greater spiritual opportunities.