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Sunset Lake Offers Grief Camp for Children

Death in the immediate family can change the life and reality of a child. A life that was predictable and complete suddenly feels fragmented and frightening. It is unsettling for anyone, adults included, but it can be devastating for a child. 

This summer, Sunset Lake Camp is partnering with Abba’s Child Grief Camps to provide much-needed support to grieving children in western Washington and provide a boost back toward emotional health.

The concept is simple: Place a grieving child in a place where adventure abounds, surround them with people who understand and relate to what they are going through, and then watch as they begin to open up and talk about their feelings. All of this is at no charge to the child’s family — it is funded through Abba’s Child Grief Camps. It's a low-pressure, high-energy place of emotional safety where the accumulated stresses of grief can be released, memories can be affirmed and hope can be restored.

Sunset Lake is proud to be partnering with this ministry by hosting an Abba’s Child Grief Camp again this summer with two weeks of Grief Camp. The camp sees this as an important outreach to the region and perhaps to your congregation. If you know of a child in your area who has experienced a recent death — parent or sibling — please let the family know about these camps. 

Here are a few more details:

  • What: A grief camp for children aged 9–15 who have lost a parent or sibling
  • When: 
    • Abba’s Child Junior at Sunset Lake: June 23–28, 2024
    • Abba’s Child Teen at Sunset Lake: Aug. 4–10, 2024
  • Who facilitates: Trained counselors from Abba’s Child will lead the grief support activities and Sunset Lake staff will facilitate regular camp activities.
  • To learn more: Check out or call the Sunset Lake Office at 360-829-0311.

How to apply: First, visit where a family can fill out the application available there. A representative from Abba’s Child will then contact the family. Once accepted as a sponsored Abba’s Child camper, the family will be referred to the Sunset Lake office to complete the registration process.

Thank you so much for helping us find the children who will be able to benefit from this ministry of Sunset Lake and Abba’s Child Grief Camps.