Spokane’s Shine 104.9 Welcomes New Chaplain

Spokane’s Shine 104.9 (KEEH) welcomes Tyler Kern as its new chaplain. Kern is a fifth-generation Adventist who grew up in the Midwest. After experiencing a lot of heartache early on in his life, Kern worked to overcome his life challenges and made it his mission to share God’s word and minister to the community.

“We’re excited to welcome Kern and his young family,” shared Darin Patzer, Shine 104.9 general manager. “Our goal in hiring a chaplain is to serve our radio audience more deeply.”

Kern went to Illinois State University and majored in mass communications and video production. While there, Kern met his wife, Amelia. Although Kern had strayed away from the church, he and his wife knew it was important to have a church community to raise their children in. They both began baptismal studies and committed their life to God in 2018. They now have five children.

“I have a heart for reaching people who have strayed away because I've lived that life and I know what it’s like,” shared Kern. “For me, growing up in the church, I feel like I’m a living example of training up a child. I understand the rareness it is for somebody to come back.”

Feeling moved by the Holy Spirit, Kern applied in 2019 and was accepted to attend seminary at Andrews University. During the 2020 pandemic, Kern realized his background in videography was an asset and began assisting churches by integrating livestreaming and Zoom into their services. After graduation, Kern began his doctor of media ministry at Andrews University.

“Today in our city, we see so many who aren’t connected to a Christian community,” shared Patzer. “Ultimately, the aim is to provide a spiritually-led community of healthy activities, service projects and worship gatherings.”

As chaplain, Kern has plans to reach listeners through the radio station and in the community. His goal is to minister to those who have been turned off by the church or burned by church members — the "nones and dones” who still have faith in Jesus and want a personal relationship with Him but are no longer interested in traditional church.

“After praying about it, it’s clear that I felt called to this ministry and unique opportunity — through Shine 104.9, Serve One More, Simple Acts of Kindness, Renew Spokane — and to build a faith community,” explained Kern. “As a millennial, I’m the bridge between the generations. I want to incorporate intergenerational ministry and show authenticity. While hurt people hurt people, healed people heal people. That’s where I want to be.”

If you are interested in sharing your input or being a part of this new outreach, reach out to Kern at chaplain@shine1049.org.

Featured in: July/August 2024