Image Credit: Lizzette Mattson

AAA Forges New International Academic Agreement

Auburn Adventist Academy is advancing its academic and linguistic development through a new partnership with Montemorelos University and its high school, Escuela Preparatoria Igancio Carrillo Franco, located in Montemorelos, Mexico.

This agreement marks a significant milestone for both institutions, with AAA solidifying its sixth academic partnership with an international country, while ICF embarks on its inaugural international collaboration. 

The initiative, which began in January 2024, progressed with a visit to Montemorelos in April to further define plans for future collaboration.

The Mexican education system includes six years of elementary school, three years of middle school — grades seven through nine — and three years of high school — grades 10 through 12.

Montemorelos has devised a unique program enabling students to condense their three high school years into two, allowing for a year of study abroad — a feature that aligns perfectly with the agreement with AAA.

During the April visit, representatives from both institutions discussed two potential programs. The first involves offering a year-long English as a Second Language experience, complete with specialized classes and workshops.

The second plan centers on providing a high school diploma option, allowing students to pursue specific subjects and transfer credits as applicable. Each program carries its own financial considerations.

Additional partnership collaboration and cultural exchange opportunities may arise if Montemorelos chooses to implement bilingual programs for their theology and education departments.

Montemorelos representatives expressed a keen interest in AAA's academic assessment tools, such as those provided by the Northwest Evaluation Association and their Measures of Academic Progress resources. There are discussions about extending these assessment tools to both middle and high school students.

Following these discussions, the group from Washington visited classrooms at the high school, made presentations and engaged with students individually. The following day, they met with middle school administrators to further explore educational systems and professional development opportunities.

The visit concluded with the formal signing of an agreement between AAA, ICF and Montemorelos University, marking a significant step in academic collaboration.

The partnership between AAA and ICF signifies a commitment to fostering academic growth and cross-cultural exchange, providing students with enriching educational experiences.

Featured in: July/August 2024