Young Joins NPUC Education Team

New teachers and early childhood educators in the Pacific Northwest have a new leader joining their ranks, bringing both experience and a valuable perspective to the North Pacific Union education team.

Renae Young, currently serving as Montana Conference education superintendent and youth/club ministries director, will begin her new role on May 1, 2024.

Having witnessed the transformative power of Adventist education firsthand, Young is passionate about its impact on students' and parents' lives.

She finds great humility in the testimonials from parents who credit Adventist schools with shaping their children's character and future. Despite the challenges educators face and the inevitability of mistakes, Young believes in the redemptive nature of God's work in their lives and in the lives of their students.

“God is continually at work in our lives and in our students' lives,” Young said.

Young's journey in education has been diverse, including teaching in homeschool, public and private school settings, as well as serving in administrative roles.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and Spanish from Walla Walla College — now Walla Walla University — and a master’s degree in education from Washington State University.

As she prepares to embark on this new chapter, Young is eager to connect with colleagues in the ECE programs, seeking to understand their needs and how she can best support them through training and collaboration. She is excited to build on the foundation of the new teacher support program, aiming to strengthen and empower new teachers as they embark on their careers.

“I’m looking forward to getting better acquainted [with everyone] and hearing what type of support would be most beneficial,” she said.

Beyond her professional life, Young enjoys reading, hiking, working in the yard and paper quilling. Young and her husband, Joe, enjoy traveling to unique destinations where they can enjoy nature. The couple have three grown children — Nate, Sydnee and Josiah — who are settling into their young adult lives and careers.

“Renae Young's dedication to education and her commitment to supporting educators makes her a valuable addition to the North Pacific Union education team,” said Keith Hallam, NPUC vice president for education. “Her wealth of experience and passion for Adventist Education will undoubtedly inspire and uplift those she works with.”