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New Montana Lay Ministry Leaders Step Up to Serve

In an exciting development for its statewide community, Montana Conference welcomes three outstanding individuals to new lay ministry positions. Each bringing a unique set of skills and a passion for service, Lizbeth Geary, Oceana Munsey and Shelby Waller are set to play pivotal roles in enhancing the spiritual fabric of Montana Conference.

Lizbeth Geary

Nurturing the Young Hearts

Lizbeth Geary

Lizbeth Geary, from Bozeman, steps into the role of children's ministries with a vision to nurture and inspire the youngest members of our congregation. Geary has already demonstrated her commitment by actively contributing to the planning of camp meeting and lending her expertise to her local church's children's Sabbath School division. Her energy and creativity promise a fresh and engaging approach to children's ministry.

Oceana Munsey

Empowering Young Adults


For the North Pacific Union young adult action team advisory position, Oceana Munsey, from Hamilton, steps into this role. Munsey's extensive involvement in youth and young adult ministry speaks volumes about her dedication. She was a driving force behind the creation of an online outreach ministry targeting young people, showcasing her innovative spirit. As the leader of the youth division at camp meeting and the featured speaker at the conference fall Pathfinder camporee, Munsey is poised to empower and inspire youth and young adults.

Shelby Waller

Reaching Students

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In the NPUC Adventist Christian Fellowship institute position, Shelby Waller, from Bozeman, steps into the role with a passion for bridging faith and academia. Waller, a current pre-nursing student at Montana State University, has already been active on campus engaging with students. Her roles of working in the conference office and at Camp Paxson exemplify her dedication to both education and ministry. Waller brings a unique perspective that will enrich the ACFi position.

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Renae Young

Montana Conference education superintendent and youth ministries director