Image Credit: Susan Bailey

Prayer Breakfast Unites Granger Church Family

The Granger Church prayer committee desired to foster a greater sense of community, gratitude and spiritual connection within their church family and decided to host an International Day of Prayer program.

Marcie Duim and Allyson Williams, prayer leaders, orchestrated a thoughtful sequence of prayer, scripture readings and a devotional story for the Nov. 12, 2023 program.

In addition, each table of participants created a gratitude list to share what they were thankful for, further reinforcing the theme of gratitude and appreciation for various aspects of life, including the church family, divine blessings, freedom to worship and family bonds.

A brunch spread included a delightful range of foods from fresh fruit to savory casseroles and a hot chocolate bar. Vegan alternatives were thoughtfully included, ensuring that everyone could partake in the feast.

The event drew a significant turnout, with the majority of the church actively participating and contributing to the shared spirit of gratitude. Laughter, meaningful conversations and the aroma of a lovingly prepared meal filled the air, creating an atmosphere of unity and fellowship. 

The prayer committee’s vision went beyond organizing an event. This prayer breakfast served as a way to cultivate a deeper sense of community by fostering gratitude and strengthening the bonds that unite a church family.


Susan Bailey

Yakima Adventist Christian School administrative assistant