Image Credit: Jennifer Bullion

Children’s Ministry Unveils New Webpage Tailored for Parents

Washington Conference recently launched a new children’s ministry webpage with resources tailored specifically for parents and guardians.

Jennifer Bullion, Washington Conference children’s ministry director, initially envisioned the webpage as a resource hub for ministry leaders seeking materials for events such as Vacation Bible School, Sabbath School and children’s programming during evangelistic series or health clinics. However, through conversations with parents, she realized the need to expand the platform to cater directly to moms and dads, empowering them to take on the role of children’s ministry leaders in their homes. 

As a result, the website now features book suggestions for family worship time, engaging Bibles and Bible studies, podcasts for both kids and adults as well as a space to share inspiring family testimonies.

“The vision is for the website to be a shareable, ever-growing hub for great spiritually uplifting content for leaders and families alike,” said Bullion.

The newly launched webpage offers a diverse range of resources. The Parent Fort, a cozy corner created by parents for parents, aims to share valuable information on finances, family matters and marriage. It undergoes regular updates, ensuring parents have access to the latest and most relevant information.

Furthermore, the website compiles podcasts suitable for the entire family. From kids' entertainment to discussions for parents, there’s something for everyone. Dive into this rich collection of audio content that fosters spiritual growth and family bonding.

Are you in search of Sabbath School curriculum? Look no further — this webpage features a comprehensive collection. Save time and explore available resources to discover the perfect Sabbath School program for your church.

Planning or participating in VBS? You will find a plethora of resources. Visit to access real-time information on VBS times and locations, ensuring you stay informed and engaged.

The children’s ministry webpage is a one-stop destination for parents seeking spiritual resources and guidance. Explore the diverse offerings, connect with other families and make the most of the wealth of information available to enhance your family's spiritual journey.

Featured in: May/June 2024