Pastor Inspires Student-Led Worship

Praise music is an integral part of weekly chapels at Boise Valley Adventist School. Each week the music draws attention to God and His glory. Through praise music, students are introduced to a specific genre of music where they can connect with God, express their love for Him and learn about the Bible.

Tomm Lemon, Mountain Home Church and Oasis International Church pastor, has led the BVAS praise band for the past five years. He said that leading praise music and spending time with the students every Friday is the highlight of his week.

When Lemon learned of the new theme for the school year, he searched for an appropriate song to highlight. When his search came up short, he joined forces with third- and fourth-grade teacher, Sabrina Seigal, to write an original theme song.

 “I appreciate how the music sets the mood for chapel and I love seeing our students participate by singing and playing instruments up front,” Seigal said.

“Chapel music is so much bigger than just Friday praise songs. It's about parents, staff, students and community knowing that the God of this universe defends and walks with us daily!” added Jamie Miller, seventh- and eighth-grade teacher.

What once started as a one-man band, has now expanded to include backup singers, a guitar player and a drummer.

“Chapel has become a student-driven worship time,” noted Courteney Mace, pre-K and kindergarten teacher. “It is inspiring to see students participate in creating songs and sharing motions with other students. I look forward to watching our worship team sing on Fridays because it encourages our students to worship God together!”

The praise group name has since been changed by Stephen Stokes, fifth- and sixth-grade teacher, from BVAS Praise Band to Pastor Tomm and the Lemon-aides — with emphasis on the Lemon. “Note the play on words,” he laughed.

"As principal and teacher for first and second grade, I like seeing students taking the initiative to lead out," said Ken Utt, BVAS principal. "We have many talented students at BVAS, and I hope the praise team will grow and other students will be inspired to join."

Featured in: March/April 2024