Image Credit: Alliosn Young

PAES Grows Student Leaders

At Peninsula Adventist Elementary School, we are like family. Together we develop new ideas to improve the school, and we’d like to introduce our special teams.

The first team is leadership. The students on this team created a school mascot with a scripture. They are currently working on a school improvement plan to ensure we have a Christian atmosphere at PAES. They served at the Sequim Food Bank during Christmas break, and they will continue to plan other events. They have proposed creating a ninth-grade class, and it is being considered by the board.

The next team is graduation. This group of three eighth-graders and one seventh-grader started the year by choosing a school scripture, theme and song. Together they make and sell cookies and slime to raise money for their class trip and gift for the school. They will also help create the yearbook. 

The library committee is a group of six students who are a very ambitious group. They just completed stamping 360 books. There is a plan in place to purge old books and catalog the library electronically. This team has worked very hard to help other readers find new books they enjoy.

The technology team is made up of six members. They help the teacher with computers and the smart board. The team leaders are setting up new Chromebooks. They will learn the new software and help other students with them.

A small group of four students created the very first prayer group. The team comes together to pray about school issues and student problems. Praying for the school has helped change the atmosphere.

Finally, third- through eighth-graders run a school newspaper. They write a two-page newsletter for Sequim and Port Angeles Adventist churches. They also write for the Sequim Gazette and other publications. The older students mentor the younger students.

When asked if they think these teams help improve the school, Silas Ellison said, “We each help improve certain parts of the school.”

Isabella Salazar added, “Because everyone has different ideas.”

Skyler Adair commented, “We help the teachers with things they can’t do alone.”

Aimee Powless shared, “We can work together and make our school stronger.”

Elsie McClure’s comment sums it up, “We help improve our school and make it better.”

Featured in: March/April 2024