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SAGE Under New Leadership

For the past 27 years, Bob Grady has been the face of Washington Conference's Seniors in Action for God with Excellence. Now, Grady is handing over leadership responsibilities to a new generation of seniors.

SAGE is a service organization that provides opportunities for active seniors who love the Lord and want to do something special for Him to serve others while enriching their personal lives as well.

Each year, SAGE members partner with Maranatha Volunteers International to go on an international mission trip to help build churches and schools around the world. The group regularly helps with building and repair projects at Sunset Lake Camp and various projects to help local churches. In addition, the group provides opportunities for seniors to participate in various social activities to build friendships and enjoy outings with others their own age.

Grady stepped down from his leadership duties with SAGE in October 2022. The executive committee voted to offer the position to Rick Serns, a long-time educator in Washington Conference.

The director of SAGE is a volunteer who works with an advisory board made of other volunteers to plan and carry out the recruitment of others to participate in the various outreach activities. Serns’ wife, Valerie, will also be involved with SAGE as the secretary for the group.

Serns was a teacher and administrator in Adventist schools for many years. After receiving his law degree, he worked as a human resources administrator and a superintendent in public schools. He said he is excited and honored to take on this important role.

He believes two of the most challenging things that people face in retirement are not feeling useful or needed anymore and facing feelings of loneliness that come with less interaction with people. Serns said, “SAGE is the perfect way to address those issues.”

Serns and his wife will be visiting churches throughout the conference in the coming weeks to promote SAGE and let people know more about the organization and how to become a part of the activities.

Those interested in receiving more information about the group can be added to the mailing list by sending their email address or contact information to

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