Image Credit: Rachel McElvain

Revitalized Women's Ministry Empowers and Nurtures Faith

In late October 2023, Washington Conference women’s ministries orchestrated a transformative retreat, "You do ‘Eu,’ Boo," hosted amidst the serene backdrop of Sunset Lake Camp. The event served as a sanctuary for women, providing an invaluable opportunity to decompress, foster connections and rekindle spiritual relationships.

At the core of the retreat was a compelling talk by Amanda Anguish, co-host of The Brain People Podcast. Anguish delved into the intricacies of stress, unveiling the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy and the A-B-C-D-E approach for thought transformation.

Attendees were treated to a diverse range of activities designed to harmonize their faith and adventure spirit. The offerings encompassed hiking, canoeing, crafts and much more — each aimed at cultivating a deeper connection with God and effective stress management.

Participant testimonials underscored the emotional journey experienced during the retreat. One attendee recounted an intensely personal experience, saying, “Through the words of surrender and giving it all to Him, I felt the conviction of handing over the reins of my life to Christ. I stood sobbing while I tried to sing to God. It was all touching and reassuring, reminding us that, as Seventh-day Adventists, God is still fighting for our surrender and control for us to be vulnerable with Him.”

The retreat also served as a launchpad for new initiatives within women's ministries, designed to further empower and inspire women on their spiritual journeys.

  1. Lead 1, Love All: L1LA, born from the heart of Washington Conference women's ministry, encourages women to share their biblical knowledge with others. It empowers women to embrace the Word and actively share it.
  2. RUBI: An acronym for Relevant, Uplifting, Biblical and Impactful, RUBI equips women to host Zoom book clubs that explore reading selections that are both spiritually enriching and thought-provoking.
  3. Pray All The Time: PATTi focuses on prayer, providing women with the tools to initiate prayer groups within their local churches or via virtual meetings.
  4. Cooking And Teaching: CATe aims to inspire women across Washington Conference to promote better health and wellness. It equips them to run healthy cooking and educational classes, making a positive impact on their communities.
  5. Team Tabitha: This initiative encourages active outreach to communities, fostering education and awareness of humanitarian causes, both locally and globally. The program equips women to plan and execute cause walks/runs.

The "You do ‘Eu,’ Boo" retreat by women's ministries stands as a testament to the power of faith, community, and empowerment. It provided women with the tools and experiences necessary to deepen their faith, create lasting connections and serve as agents of positive change in their communities.

Featured in: January/February 2024