Image Credit: Elida Jerez

Retreat Supports Emotional Well-Being

In October 2023, a diverse group of individuals gathered at Sunset Lake Camp to embark on a transformative Emotional Freedom Retreat. This unique nine-day program was carefully designed to guide a dozen participants on a journey towards emotional resilience and equip them with invaluable tools to effectively manage stress and life's challenges.

One of the distinctive features of this retreat was the personalized support provided to each participant. Upon arrival, every attendee was paired with a dedicated health coach who would engage in a 20-minute daily session with them throughout the duration of the retreat. The matching process, led by Washington Conference health ministries director Elida Jerez and her team of health coaches, aimed to create optimal connections for participants.

The retreat's itinerary was thoughtfully crafted, offering a blend of educational workshops and therapeutic sessions led by distinguished professionals. Neil Nedley, Amanda Anguish, Heather Reseck, Esther Park Hwang and Rameana Sirabani, experts in various facets of healthcare, facilitated enlightening discussions and practical exercises.

Additionally, attendees had the opportunity to indulge in rejuvenating experiences like hydrotherapy, massages and craniosacral therapy to nurture their physical and emotional well-being.

Violet Douglas, an emotional health retreat health coach, expressed her gratitude, and said, “I was so blessed by all the health coaches because we were there for each other and supported each other." Her sentiments resonated with many, emphasizing the significance of forming meaningful connections.

Kendra Danner, a participant, cited "making new friends without judgment" as the most rewarding aspect of the retreat.

Luisa Feher's poignant journey to the retreat was driven by the sudden loss of her husband a year and a half ago and the immense responsibilities of caring for his elderly parents. She described the experience as "emotionally and physically overwhelming."

Her strong faith led her to seek divine intervention and support for her emotional well-being. She reflected, “As a Christian, I prayed that God would provide the help I needed since conventional health care could never do what God can for a hurting soul ... I knew that in this program I was going to find all the elements that I needed to get a much-needed break.”

The retreat culminated in a graduation ceremony where nine of the attendees celebrated their accomplishments. This meaningful event recognized their dedication to the program, serving as a physical reminder of the knowledge and skills they had acquired — knowledge they could now share with others on their journey to emotional freedom.

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