Image Credit: Lacey Stecker

Outdoor School Encourages Students to Be Curious

Outdoor school is an annual event held at Sunset Lake Camp in Washington, offering a fun-filled, two-day trip packed with exciting activities and opportunities for social interaction. The retreat offers kids a blend of education and recreation, which is fun for all interests and ages.

One of the activities at outdoor school 2023 was archery, a favorite among students. The archery activity had two components: traditional archery and archery tag. While traditional archery is relatively straightforward, archery tag adds an exciting twist.

Divided into two teams positioned behind protective barriers, students engaged in a thrilling battle to tag opponents with foam-tipped arrows. The combination of accuracy, strategy and camaraderie made this activity a fun highlight of outdoor school.

For those who enjoy problem-solving and navigation, orienteering provided an exciting challenge. Teams were given a sheet of instructions that guided them to various stations scattered throughout a field.

Armed with compasses, they had to measure the degree angles between stations and answer questions to progress. Orienteering not only heightened kids' navigational skills, but also encouraged teamwork as they collaborated to answer the questions.

Adding a bit of creativity to the event, kids participated in a do-it-yourself car project. Each team was tasked with crafting a cardboard car around a dolly and adding unique designs to it.

At the end of the project, a race was held where teams pitted their cars against each other. This hands-on activity allowed everyone to unleash their creativity and engineering skills while encouraging healthy competition and collaboration.

The theme for 2023’s outdoor school was "Be Curious," an invitation to explore and learn about the world in a fun and interactive way. The camp was buzzing with curiosity and excitement as they embraced this theme, building a spirit of curiousness and wonder.

As an added bonus, the musical talents of the singers shined at outdoor school. The event was graced with an original song composed by the singers themselves, adding to the musical element to the event. This addition enhanced the sense of community and unity among the people attending outdoor school.

Outdoor school at Sunset Lake Camp was an exciting experience that combined education and recreation, encouraging everyone to explore, learn and bond with their peers. With activities like archery, orienteering, DIY car building and the "Be Curious" theme, outdoor school provided a well-rounded and fun adventure that left everyone with cherished memories and a sense of accomplishment.

Featured in: January/February 2024