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Refuge Adventist Church to Begin Music Ministry

What happens when a church leans into its members' talents? It creates programs with tremendous potential.

In Seattle, many young adults don’t know the love of Jesus. Refuge Adventist Church designed its ministry outreach for young adults who didn’t grow up in a Christian environment. The church invests in the quality of the worship experience. A big part of that experience is the music.

Melody Val Nelwan, Refuge Church music director, has made many connections in the artistic and musical scene of Seattle. Many musicians have come to Refuge Church and stayed because of her invitations and the church’s music program. This has created a church of music.

From this pool of talent comes a new way for Refuge Church to reach out to the community: the Music for the Community initiative, designed to make bridges with the larger Seattle community by harnessing the power of music and providing one-on-one mentorship.

Starting in February 2024, Refuge Church will host eight sessions accommodating up to eight participants who will receive one-on-one mentorship from an expert in their respective musical field. Sam Nyambe — a contributor to Marvel’s and Netflix’s musical teams — along with Val Nelwan and other members of the Refuge Church music team, will act as expert mentors.

At the conclusion of these sessions in April, Refuge Church will host a concert, providing participants a platform to showcase the skills they’ve learned. A second session will begin in September.

The Music for the Community initiative intends to get participants in a church setting and create an interest in the gospel, encouraging them to learn more about Adventists and God.

“We are very excited about connecting with creatives and empowering people from the community through this new music and worship initiative!” said Val Nelwan. “We’re looking forward to pouring into people the same way we’ve been poured into and hope that people are able to view worship and praise in a new and powerful way.”

This initiative does not come without costs. While the generosity of church members and the support of NPUC's Spark Tank have already provided stipends for mentors and new sound equipment, additional funds can significantly enhance the effectiveness of the Music for the Community initiative.

If you'd like to support this meaningful endeavor, please consider making a donation at Your contribution can help Refuge Church continue to make a positive impact on the Seattle community through the universal language of music.

Refuge Church and its passionate team look forward to a future where music serves as a bridge, connecting souls and inspiring spiritual growth. Together, they're striving to create a harmonious and inclusive community where the power of music transforms lives.

Featured in: January/February 2024