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Montana Uses Technology to Bring Churches Together

Over the past year, Montana Conference has been equipping churches across the state with technology to meet together online. This vision came from Ken Norton, Montana Conference president, to not only bring churches into the digital age but to also unite the conference family in mission.

The first meeting was a conference-wide prayer meeting on Oct. 18, 2023. Nineteen churches logged in and participated in singing, listening to God's Word and praying.

Attendees prayed specifically for revival in conference churches, outreach efforts in the communities, safety in conference schools and blessings over teachers and pastors. Each church had time to pray separately for their local community and church's needs. Participating in something like this with other churches reminds everyone that they are part of a global movement, and they aren't in this mission field alone. 

While this meeting was the first, it will not be the last. Future meetings are being planned, and it goes beyond just prayer meetings. Training, seminars and evangelistic series plans are in the works.

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Featured in: January/February 2024


Stephen Carlile

Billings Church pastor and Montana Conference communications coordinator