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Hallowed Be Thy Name Event Lights Up the Community

Amidst the backdrop of a crisp autumn evening, the air buzzed with excitement as the community gathered not for a typical Halloween festivity, but for an alternative celebration that promised to be both meaningful and jubilant.

Hallowed Be Thy Name, hosted by Sharon Adventist Church, created a family-friendly atmosphere that steered away from the traditional Halloween narrative and, instead, provided a wholesome experience centered around biblical events from creation to the cross and promise of the Second Coming.

The success of the night was undeniable, as attendees walking through elaborately decorated passages that depicted various biblical scenes. The involvement of young adults was particularly noteworthy, as they donned costumes of historical figures and acted out scenes, bringing the stories to life with enthusiasm and authenticity.

Ayanna Roberts, a local college student and one of the event volunteers, shared, “It was incredible to see so many young people like myself engaging with kids and families and sharing stories that are so foundational to our faith. The energy was contagious.”

The event was more than just a spectacle of faith; it also provided an opportunity for young adults in the community to take on leadership roles, showcasing their talents in organizing, storytelling and creating a welcoming space for all. Their involvement underscored the event's dual purpose: to celebrate faith and to foster a sense of agency and community among the youth.

The festivities also included games and activities that catered to all ages, and yes, there was candy — lots of it. Yet, perhaps more sweetly received were the prizes that elicited gasps of delight from the crowd — Nike gear, Apple products and a bevy of gift cards, which were awarded throughout the evening.

A member of Sharon Church expressed his joy over the event's impact: “Seeing our young adults step up and make such a positive mark on this celebration is a testament to the vibrant spirit of our community. It's a clear message that our youth are not just the church of tomorrow, but they are the church of today.”

The positive feedback from the community has been overwhelming, with many praising the event for providing a safe and enriching experience that nurtured both fellowship and faith.

As families departed with smiles and stories to tell, it was evident that Hallowed Be Thy Name had achieved something special — a new tradition that honored beliefs, united generations and celebrated the joy of community in the heart of Portland.

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Featured in: January/February 2024


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