Evangelism: A Way of Church Life

Ontario Adventist Church has a large heart for evangelism. When they were notified that It Is Written would be providing an evangelist at no cost for an evangelistic series, they were all in.

The church board, without hesitation, unanimously voted to invite Douglas Na'a to speak. As the meeting kick-off drew closer and conversations were had with Na'a, it was evident the church was on the same page in a collective evangelistic approach.

When the first night came, there was tremendous local and district church support. The church averaged eight consistent visitors — non-Adventists — per night and 38 district member attendants. Considering the average Sabbath attendance in Ontario is 30–35, this was an astounding development.

This continued throughout the series and resulted in three new member baptisms and four strong follow-up opportunities. Each night, the messages were of such a nature that they resonated with all in attendance, and as a result, there is a clear desire to schedule Na'a again in Ontario.

In addition, current members were so moved by his simple, straightforward, gospel-centered presentations that they commented on how they were brought closer to the Lord than they had been previously. They could feel the Holy Spirit's presence present each night. The three new members still regularly attend, participate and are growing in Christ.

God works in mighty ways when a church creates a culture of evangelism and is personally committed to discipling guests and new members. This was clearly evident in the Ontario/Vale district membership, and they are more committed than ever to public evangelism. Evangelism is not just a culture now, it is a way of church life.