Montana Conference Pathfinder Camporee Held at YMCA Camp Child

The scenic YMCA Camp Child in Elliston, Montana, was the backdrop for an unforgettable experience for Pathfinders and their leaders who gathered from various clubs for Montana Conference Pathfinder Camporee in September 2023.

The heart of the camporee was its diverse range of activities, which allowed Pathfinders to earn four honor patches: marching/drilling, crystals, gold panning and stewardship. 

The marching/drilling patch encouraged teamwork and precision as Pathfinders honed their skills in organized formations. The crystals patch engaged participants in the fascinating world of geology, fostering an appreciation for the Earth's natural wonders.

Gold panning, a thrilling excursion on Friday, introduced Pathfinders to the rush of prospecting and the area's rich history. Lastly, the stewardship patch emphasized the importance of wise use of resources — time, money and talents.

On Sabbath, Pathfinders embarked on a hike through the landscapes surrounding Camp Child, deepening their connection with God and each other.

One of the most impactful parts of the camporee was the spiritual growth experienced by Pathfinders. Oceana Munsey, the worship speaker, left a profound impression on everyone by sharing her personal testimony and connecting it to the biblical story of Daniel. 

The camporee concluded with each Pathfinder club choosing mini-projects to enhance Camp Child. These projects included weeding and raking the volleyball court, repairing a bench and a fence, cleaning light fixtures and washing the bathhouse windows, among other tasks. These acts of service created a feeling of responsibility and stewardship among the Pathfinders while leaving a lasting positive impact on the campsite.

Overall, the Pathfinder camporee was a remarkable event that combined adventure, education, spirituality and service. This unforgettable weekend will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of all those who participated, reinforcing belief in God, values of teamwork, respect for nature and a strong sense of community.

Featured in: November/December 2023


Renae Young

Montana Conference education superintendent and youth ministries director