He’s Alive Ministries Releases The Law of Life Media Series

He’s Alive Ministries, based in Spokane, Washington, released a new media series focusing on how to biblically improve your physical health, mental health and overall life.

The series, The Law of Life Media Edition: Healing from Damaged Relationships, Depression and Disease, is based on a 278-page book written by Mark Sandoval, New Paradigm Ministries founder and president. The media series includes more than 16 hours of in-depth instructional videos, in addition to the book.

“Our goal for this series is to really reach out to communities struggling with physical and mental health and show them a way forward that is biblically based,” said Rupert Salmon, He's Alive Broadcasting general manager and 3 AM Network, LLC, CEO. “We know that those who take part in this series will be truly blessed by Sandoval’s message.”

Sandoval is board certified in emergency medicine and lifestyle medicine. He has served as founder and chairman of H.E.A.L.T.H. by the Book, president and medical director of Uchee Pines Institute, and health ministries director of Gulf States Conference. The series is a dynamic combination of print and visual media intended for small group study, book clubs or health ministries that want to gain perspective on the inner workings of the mind from a biblical standpoint.

“Disease? Depression? Damaged relationships? This book is for you,” said reader Dee Dee. “A friend of mine spoke about some of the contents of this book, which sparked my interest, but it is far better than I was told. The examples, rationales and correlations are simple yet so profound. Sandoval goes deep into cause and effect, choices and change. This is a must-read book. I have difficulty putting it down! I will read it again, and have been encouraging others to read it as well.”

Salmon’s plan is to set up book clubs in churches using the book, workbook and videos to invite friends and neighbors to join in at members' homes or through Zoom to discuss chapter by chapter.

For more information on the project, contact Rupert Salmon at 509-508-8115 or by email at ruperts@hesalivetv.com. The series can be purchased at givebutter.com/hesalivetv.

He’s Alive Broadcasting is a local Christian television station in existence for the past 28 years in the Spokane, Washington, area. Over the past two years, He’s Alive has been under new management and will soon be transferring ownership. Under this new leadership, He’s Alive Broadcasting will become 3 AM Network, a minority-owned and operated media company, broadcasting on five digital channels, KHBA-LP channel 35 Spokane, Washington.

Featured in: November/December 2023