Image Credit: Mitchell Kessler

Dunzweiler Joins Oregon Conference as Interim Superintendent for Education

Denise Dunzweiler joined the Oregon Conference team in August 2023 as interim superintendent for education.

She has served in a wide range of roles within Adventist education throughout her career, including as dean of the School of Education and Psychology at Walla Walla University, dean of the School of Education and Psychology at Southern Adventist University and as an English as a Second Language instructor at Atlantic Union College.

She also spent several years working outside the U.S. in the Philippines, Belize and Indonesia, earned a master’s degree in special education and administration from Sonoma State University, and holds a doctorate in inclusive education and leadership from Andrews University.

Now, Dunzweiler is bringing that experience to the education field in Oregon Conference. “Teaching is the best job in the world,” Dunzweiler shared. “I believe teaching is the heart of evangelism, and I believe education is the heart of the church.”

Dunzweiler said one of her top priorities is helping equip teachers to serve every student, regardless of ability and background. “My goal here is to do anything I can to make principals very accessible to their teachers to help them do whatever they need to get done, so if I can help the principals carry a lighter load so that they can help carry some of their teachers’ loads, I feel like I have done my job well. It’s very important to me that I serve the people that I work with.”

As students across Oregon Conference work their way through the 2023–2024 school year, we look forward to all of the many ways that God will show up in their lives. Please join us in praying for our students, our teachers and principals, our school communities and all of the leadership who are dedicating their lives to raising them in a loving, Christ-centered environment!

Featured in: November/December 2023