Image Credit: Evelin Velinova

Beyond the Walls Inspires Ministry Wherever You Are

Do you have to be an evangelist to minister to others? Perhaps you've felt the pressure to embark on a mission trip to truly embody the love of Jesus. Adventists often emphasize that anyone can be a missionary wherever they are, but the question remains: how? What can the average person do? This is the question Beyond the Walls sets out to answer.

Beyond the Walls is a six-episode documentary series that sheds a light on the various ministries average people engage in beyond the walls of the church. Its primary aim is to inspire others to follow suit in their daily lives. Each episode focuses on a different community member who actively spreads the Word of God through their entrepreneurial ventures at work or in the community.

“We wanted to show average people doing ministry,” said Ernesto Hernandez, Beyond the Walls producer. “We want [church] members to realize, ‘Wow, I can do ministry at my workplace. I can do ministry through my clinic. I can do ministry at the factory I work at.’”

Evelin Velinova, Beyond the Walls director, added, “We’re always talking about ‘You want to do ministry? Become a pastor or major in theology.’ That’s not the only option out there. Maybe pastoring isn’t your thing, or maybe working for the church or the conference isn’t where you feel called.”

It’s time for the narrative to change. While the often-highlighted work of pastors, theologians and evangelists remains vital, it often falls short of reaching people until they are personally invited into the church by their neighbor or coworker. These meaningful connections are created by ordinary individuals who exemplify Christlike qualities in ordinary ways every single day. Beyond the Walls aims to underscore the profound impact personal relationships have on the community.

Ministry doesn’t have to be a well-rehearsed sermon or group Bible study. Beyond the Walls shows that there are other options. Like the six individuals shown in the series, anyone can minister in nontraditional ways.

Beyond the Walls is a call to action for every church member to become a conduit of God's love and teachings wherever they may be. It challenges the conventional perception of ministry by encouraging people to embrace their unique skills and passions as vehicles for spreading God's message.

To experience these inspiring stories of everyday ministry, you can watch Beyond the Walls on the Washington Conference YouTube channel — WashConf — or by scanning the QR code.

Featured in: November/December 2023