Image Credit: Jay Coon

Forks Adventist Church Opens Safe Park for Families

Two years ago, Forks Church members pondered how they could use their five acres of pristine property to bless their community.

After much prayer and discussion, they settled on setting aside two acres for the establishment of Creation Park.

On July 4, 2023, church members walked with a large banner in the local Fourth of July parade and passed out 1,000 invitations for the community to come out on July 5 for Creation Park’s grand opening. Over 200 community members came out for free food, live music and tours of the park.

Creation Park is a private park for the Forks community. Public parks in the area have problems with needles and other debris covering trails, and Creation Park provides an alternative for families looking for a quiet, picturesque and safe environment.

The church wants those who explore this private park to experience the beauty of the Creator and make special memories with their families. To keep the park in good condition, each family interested in using the park pays a small yearly fee to receive a code for the main park entrance.

In 2021, the church contributed $5,000 and secured a $10,000 grant toward constructing the park. Part of that funding went toward installing an elk fence around the two-acre park and planting an orchard on half an acre. The orchard features 80 blueberry and 10 loganberry bushes, as well as 24 fruit trees.

This year, the church secured a $20,000 grant the park. With those funds, a functional bathroom, a beautiful foot bridge over a small stream and a children’s play area has been added.

The church has many plans for Creation Park; they look forward putting up a Northwest shelter with handmade picnic tables and commercial grade grills and fire pits. 

Forks Church is excited to share the message of the Creator’s wonders. With Creation Park, the Word of the Lord can spread to others in a safe environment.

Featured in: September/October 2023