Youth and Young Adults Hold Evangelism Event

The youth and young adults of Adventist Community Church of Vancouver hosted four evangelistic series during the pandemic and have seen about 30 baptisms because of their work. They decided after a year to do it again. This time Roger Walter, lead pastor, would join them and speak for half the messages, while the youth and young adults would speak for the other half.

The seminar was on Friday nights, Sabbath mornings, Saturday nights and Sunday nights only. There were two topics each night and one on Sabbath mornings. The youth and young adults would speak on one of them each evening; Walter would speak on the other.

Patricia and Durrell began coming night by night. Patricia took copious notes as she listened to each speaker and would come forward afterward to ask the youth speaking that night for more information.

One night, as they exited, Durrell shared with Walter that his ex-wife was an Adventist. They discussed this further, and bonded over a few laughs. Durrell and Patricia went on to join the church by profession of faith.

In the end, Adventist Community Church had 13 decisions for baptism or profession of faith, demonstrating God's faithfulness to the youth and young adult leaders. The church is very thankful for new members as they join the church family from a season of evangelism, and is now helping them put their spiritual roots down deep in an extended season of discipleship.