Finding Jesus

Lauretta could be described as one who has found peace, but that was not always her story. A few years ago, she and her husband began making church a regular part of their lives. They also wanted their son to enjoy the blessings of Christian education, so they sent him to an Adventist school.

Unfortunately, Lauretta lost her husband to several health complications which he struggled to overcome. And now the responsibility of providing for her family rested solely on her shoulders.

While it was not easy, she stepped up to the task. Church was no longer part of her life, and for two years, Lauretta stepped away from church life.

During these times of being away, she felt something was missing, but could not put her finger on what it was. She acknowledged her desire to do something for herself, but needed to figure out what that was. Not having her husband around also brought constant pain.

It was at this time that The Great ReSet evangelistic series took place. Something sparked inside Lauretta as she thought this might be the thing missing in her life.

She began attending the series, and soon the peace that was missing in her life returned. The emotional turmoil of loneliness and confusion was lifted. Although she no longer had her husband, she no longer felt alone.

Lauretta shared that she decided to invite God into her place of employment, and on the day the decision was made, she had the highest success rate of any employee. She had found Jesus.