Mount Ellis Academy Students 'Ski the Summit'

The weather was wonderful, the sky was blue and the ground was covered in thick, fresh white fluff. The slopes were calling, and Mount Ellis Academy’s students and visitors were very lucky to have the opportunity to hit the mountain. 

Ski the Summit kicked off at MEA’s very own Bear Canyon Ski Hill for some exclusive night skiing. The evening closed in the lodge with singing and a talk. It was magical to hear the voices of my peers, new and old, filling the wood abode. Douglas Elsey, this year’s guest speaker, did not fail to keep the room’s rapt attention as he gave us a worship thought. It was one of the best times I have had at our ski hill. 

On day two, we had the privilege of going up to Bridger Bowl for a fun-filled day. Whether a skier or a snowboarder, there was no arguing that it was wonderful to take a trip up the mountain. Those who didn't ski or snowboard still had plenty of opportunities to have fun.!

Faculty and community members provided mini-courses — including freestyle art, cake decorating and a trip to the trampoline park — for everyone who opted not to go to the mountain. At the end of the day, everyone was taken for a relaxing evening at Bozeman Hot Springs to sooth out sore muscles from the day and to prepare for an even bigger skiing day in the morning. 

On the third and final day, we were very lucky to cap off Ski the Summit with a bang at Big Sky Ski Resort. The mountains were huge, the runs were plentiful and the snow was still fluffy. Everyone was darting down the mountains all day, getting as many runs in on this special occasion as possible.

“Big Sky was really awesome, and as always, Mad Wolf was my favorite run,” Grace Carter, MEA junior, cheerfully stated. A trip to Big Sky is always worth the drive, and this was very apparent in every face, shining with satisfaction of the events of the day, and the occasion overall. 

Ski the Summit is a very special time when we can grow closer to those we know and those we met at the event. “It is one of my favorite things that MEA does in the year,” said Junior Reimann, MEA senior. It is a very anticipated time for those who want to get out in the snow and even those who would prefer to stay in. On the whole, this was an incredible Ski the Summit that is likely to stick in the minds of the participants for a very long time.

Featured in: May/June 2023