GSAA Sports Program Continues to Grow

The sports program at Gem State Adventist Academy continues to develop and grow, giving students opportunities to learn new skills individually and in cooperation with others and to witness through sportsmanship and interactions with other players.

For several years, GSAA has been a member of the Idaho High School Activities Association, playing several sports in the Western Idaho Conference District III. Tackle football had not been one of those sports, but this year, GSAA formed a co-op football team with students from Greenleaf Friends Academy, a Christian high school just a few miles away, and it was a successful venture.

Jeremy Perkins, GSAA athletic director, explained what a privilege it is to be able to do this, since Friday night has always been the night for football games. In order for GSAA to participate, the entire league had to agree to adjust game days to either Thursday or Saturday nights — and they did!

GSAA players made up the larger portion of the team coached by Perkins. Brad Soulé served as defensive coordinator and Jeff Roberts from GFA served as offensive coordinator. Two GSAA students were chosen by the IHSAA for awards. Jaden Anderson, GSAA senior, was chosen as First Team All Conference Tight End and First Team All Conference Defensive End. He will play in the Shriners Seniors All-Star Game. Kylan Klemp, GSAA junior, was chosen as Second Team All Conference Kick Returner/Safety.

Overall, this was a good experience for all involved and plans are to continue the co-op team, at least until each school has enough players to have their own team. GSAA and GFA also have a co-op baseball team that will start its third season in spring 2023. GSAA also plays in the state league with girls’ volleyball, junior varsity and varsity, and boys’ and girls’ basketball, junior varsity and varsity.

Featured in: January/February 2023


Marta Stone

Gem State Adventist Academy teacher and campus communication assistant