UCC Laymen Renew their Pact

Cowlitz Falls Campground vibrated with passion and energy as 100 laymen, or “Faith Warriors,” from Upper Columbia Conference gathered Aug. 5–7, 2022 under the leadership of the multi-cultural ministries department.

During the summer of 2021, a group of approximately 23 leaders, along with their local pastor, took the initiative to plan a leadership retreat to seek God in prayer and to renew their vows with Him. That original group grew exponentially into a group of about 100 men representing each of the UCC Hispanic churches along with their pastors, whose intention it was to “return to the mountain and renew their pact."

Antonio IX Rosique, pastor and guest speaker, presented powerful messages indisputably inspired by the Holy Spirit that moved the hearts of the attendees and generated genuine brokenness and full surrender. The sessions of intercessory prayer, as well as the testimonies of transformation shared by several of the attendees, created a beautiful atmosphere of authentic worship.

Unquestionably, one of the most moving moments was when David, a young man who had been invited by a friend, was yearning to experience the “new birth” he had heard about and decided to surrender his heart to Jesus through baptism.

During the process of listening to spiritual reflections, moments of prayer, testimonies, singing praises, eating together, laughter, the strumming of guitars, games and sports, they experienced a weekend of genuine revival and full surrender to God in the midst of Christian camaraderie. This fine group of men from UCC were positively impacted by a power on high.

Featured in: January/February 2023