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Montana Schools Report From the Field

Students in Montana have been busy with amazing activities this school year! With access to numerous historical sites and nature locations, students experience learning in venues beyond the four walls of their classrooms. Here's a sneak peek of some things happening in our schools.


Valley View Christian School • Glendive, Montana

On Sept. 27, 2022, Valley View Adventist Christian School students went on "the best ever field trip" to a potato farm. They watched the operation of harvest, cleaning, sorting and storage. In the field, students were encouraged to glean potatoes after the harvesters had gone through them. The students spent the afternoon sharing potatoes with the local food bank, care homes, church members, grandparents and others. Students' families also enjoyed the potatoes. It was indeed "the best ever field trip."

Joyce Freese, Valley View Christian School principal


Mount Ellis Elementary • Bozeman, Montana

On Sunday, Oct. 16, 2022, Mount Ellis Elementary hosted the second annual Cubs for Change walkathon. The students chose a local nonprofit organization in Bozeman that they wanted to help support. This year, they decided to support the HRDC Emergency Shelter. They also raised half the money to fund a project at their local school. They chose to work toward a gaga pit — a fun dodgeball game played in a unique "pit." Altogether, the students of MEE raised over $8,800! It was a great event and a beautiful witness to their local community. It demonstrates that MEE students genuinely have a "heart of compassion and service."

Kaila Johnson, Mount Ellis Elementary principal


Five Falls Christian School • Great Falls, Montana

On Sept. 19, 2022, students from Five Falls Christian School, dressed in pioneer attire and pulling covered wagons, started on a pioneer trek down the trail at Sluice Boxes State Park. Along the trail, they experienced good and bad scenarios that pioneers might have experienced. At the journey's end, they pulled their wagons into a circle, built "fires" and placed cooking pots on the fire to "cook" lunch. After lunch, the students experienced a river crossing by pulling their covered wagons across the creek. The students played pioneer games before heading back down the trail.

Arlene Lambert, Five Falls Christian School principal


Mountain View Christian School • Missoula, Montana

Jesus is moving in the hearts of students at Mountain View Christian School! On Sept. 7, 2022, MVCS in Missoula reopened its doors after a two-year closure. At the beginning of the school year, some students at MVCS did not know the words to the song "Jesus Loves Me." One month later, those six students led worship at Missoula Church. It was a beautiful Sabbath that included several songs, scripture recitation, sign language, a handbells performance and a sweet 4-year-old's prayer.

Sheila Armstead, Mountain View Christian principal

Trout Creek Adventist School • Trout Creek, Montana

In the spring of 2022, Trout Creek Adventist School students took a 1,400-mile road trip across Montana. They divided the trip by exploring significant places along the way. Learners experienced total darkness in the Lewis and Clark Caverns, saw William Clark’s signature, saw Native American petroglyphs at the top of Pompey’s Pillar and witnessed the changing landscape of Montana.

Once in Glendive, they teamed up with Valley View Christian School and experienced Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum. The Bible-based museum presents all its exhibits from a Christian perspective, providing a unique and faith-building opportunity for our learners. The trip's highlight was going to Baisch Ranch and experiencing a paleontology adventure where every learner successfully found a fossil. Their guides reinforced various evidence of the biblical flood, creation and a Creator God. These valuable faith-building opportunities made the five-day road trip worth every mile.

Maurita Crew, Trout Creek Adventist School principal


Teton Adventist Christian School • Choteau, Montana

After 24 years, 12 students walked through the Teton Adventist Christian School doors. On Jan. 2, 2022, Choteau Adventist Church decided it was time to reopen its school. They formed a school board and began the hard work of restoration. After many hours of prayer, planning, cleaning and remodeling, TACS returned to life. Since the first day of school on Aug. 24, 2022, two more students have enrolled with more on the way. Thank you to the many people who have supported the school and students in various ways! God has provided for every need, showing that when people step out in faith and follow God's leading, He exceeds our expectations.

Xylia Capote, Teton Adventist Christian School principal


Even if you didn't see a story from your local elementary school, we are still proud of all they do in their community. These additional schools are:

  • Blodgett View Christian School in Hamilton, Montana
  • Glacier View Christian School in Ronan, Montana
  • Highland View Christian School in Butte, Montana
  • Trailhead Christian School in Billings, Montana
  • Valley Adventist Christian School in Kalispell, Montana

Please continue to pray for our schools and teachers across our conference.

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Stephen Carlile

Billings Church pastor and Montana Conference communications coordinator