Blessings Through Tragedy for Amazing Grace Academy

In December 2021, Amazing Grace Academy and Palmer Church met to make plans to fundraise for a new wood floor in the gym. Excitement was high as they developed plans, met with contractors and began fundraising. 

Just a few weeks later in January 2022, a devastating wind storm hit Mat-Su Valley and Amazing Grace Academy. After days of extremely high winds, sub-zero temperatures and power outages, a pipe in the science room froze and burst, creating a flood in all three floors of the school. 

Due to the flood, school was closed for a week while teachers, parents and volunteers tried to salvage classroom spaces and supplies. Palmer Church graciously allowed the school to use three classrooms and the fellowship hall for the remainder of the school year. 

Volunteers spent more than a thousand hours demolishing the wet and damaged parts of the school within a couple of weeks. The outpouring of support for the school was phenomenal!

This year, the reconstruction was completed two weeks before the school year began, and, again, many hands came to help the teachers move back into their new classrooms. As students and families came back into the school, they were amazed at the transformation from the old to the new. The rebuilding process allowed for some re-configuration of spaces, refreshing the floors and paint and updating some things that needed to be updated. 

The gym floor was completed in October, and the school held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate the completion of that project. Due to diligent fundraising efforts and generous donors, the gym floor was completely paid for upon completion. 

As we look back on the blessings God has provided this past year, we are grateful for the generous volunteers, fundraisers, donors and all who have shown us God can work through difficult situations. 

Featured in: January/February 2023