Image Credit: Gina Hubin

Auburn Student Body Represents the World

Six years ago, key leaders associated with Auburn Adventist Academy started praying for a specific number of enrolled students — and added the word “plus.”

As of the new 2022–2023 school year, that prayer is answered — and then some — with 246 students!

“The most exciting element to a new year is the students,” said Peter Fackenthall, principal. “Every number is a student with a story, every number is a young person who will experience Jesus Christ at Auburn Adventist Academy and we praise God for the students He has led to our campus.”

The increase in students has also continued to bring diversity to the campus. Arrange a visit and the vibrant diversity will be one of the first things you recognize.

“Every continent is represented by our student body, except for Antarctica,” noted Lori Kissinger, vice principal of academics.

Project Unity is a student-led project on campus that celebrates each cultural group and gives them the opportunity to highlight their unique culture and grow a greater awareness and understanding of each other.

“We are grateful for the special kind of energy that the diversity of our students represents,” said Suzette Maxwell, associate vice principal for student life.

Special activities planned within the first two weeks of school helped students bond more quickly — the traditional first-day handshake, first Sabbath at Sunset Lake, week of prayer, Lake Tapps day, fair day and peer mentoring.

The dorms have experienced significant growth. Jonathan Rios, boys’ dean, commented, “This past month has been incredible and I’m very proud of the young men of Witzel Hall. We have a lot of new students, and it has been wonderful to witness new and returning students become like brothers.” God is good, and this has been evident in the activities and interactions in both dormitories.

While the past few years have brought unique challenges to education, in general, Auburn Adventist Academy has navigated with strength and resilience through God’s divine leading. The daily prayer of staff and teachers is for God to lead and guide in this important spirit-filled ministry.

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Featured in: November/December 2022


Gina Hubin

Auburn Adventist Academy director of recruiting and admissions