Image Credit: Matt Webster

Studio Refreshed for Innovative Film Techniques

Parts of the film studio at Walla Walla University were revamped to allow students to discover innovative film techniques related to virtual production.

Virtual production is a new process in the filmmaking industry that allows special effects and backgrounds to be filmed in-camera instead of created in post-production. “This is one of the biggest changes to film since the beginning of the film medium,” said Jerry Hartman, WWU professor of communication.

WWU students now have the ability to explore this innovative technology thanks to updates in the film studio. Three projectors cast images on to a curving floor-to-ceiling wall freshly painted white. A custom-built computer will sense where the camera is in relation to the wall and allow the projectors to adjust the background in real-time.

Matt Webster, WWU production and facilities coordinator, said virtual production has quickly developed in the last three years. He said, “This puts us on the leading edge of teaching what is being used in the industry.” Students explored the implementation of this relatively new technology most deeply in the Interactive and VR Storytelling class this fall.

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Featured in: November/December 2022