STEAM Ahead Participants Attend Camp MiVoden

This year, STEAM Ahead @ Discovery Junction capped off its school year by sending all 21 of its students to Camp MiVoden. Children and parents were beyond excited about the opportunity to attend Camp MiVoden. This year was the first time in the four years of sponsoring Garfield Elementary School students that all the students of STEAM Ahead were able to attend camp — including the shyest student.

“The kids were so excited and so blessed by Camp MiVoden, Spokane Central Church and the STEAM Ahead Board for each entity to pay a third of the cost to sponsor the remarkable experience each student encountered,” said Gayle Haeger, program coordinator. “The generous giving of these entities has forever left a positive impact on the students’ lives.”

Many parents were so thrilled that they drove their own child to Camp MiVoden to learn more about the camp and see it for themselves. Thanks to Renew Spokane, the STEAM Ahead van was sponsored to take seven of the students, with Gayle and Gerald Haeger, to camp.

Every student came back excited from the transforming week they had at Camp MiVoden. The staff at Camp MiVoden cared for these students using Christ’s method of teaching in a fun, nurturing environment on the shores of Hayden Lake with life-changing experiences. At the end of the week, each student was presented a Bible with their name engraved on it.

Over the last seven years, Discovery Junction has continued to build upon its success in making a positive difference in the Emerson-Garfield community of Spokane, Washington. Third-graders who attend Garfield Elementary School have the opportunity to take part in STEAM Ahead @ Discovery Junction. STEAM Ahead works to explore science, technology, engineering, art and math subjects to further enhance the students' education in a safe and nurturing environment.

STEAM Ahead students get to interact with a number of guest presenters. This school year, the guest presenters included an engineer who made a small hovercraft that students then replicated with balloon power; an Avista engineer who helped students explore gravity, sound and the atmosphere using hands-on activities; and a local art teacher who brought the creativity out of every student, creating budding artists. All these activities help to develop the knowledge of the students in a safe and wholesome environment through gifted community members.

You can help support STEAM Ahead @ Discovery Junction by praying for families to connect with this vital urban ministry opportunity that serves our Spokane intercity neighbors. To learn more about Discovery Junction, visit

Featured in: November/December 2022