Building Relationships

Eagle Church in Eagle, Idaho, concluded a four-week Discovering Revelation prophecy seminar. The meetings were well attended by members and guests. The series concluded with two baptisms of a young couple, as well as two professions of faith by another couple. Both couples had their children in Eagle Church’s adjoined school but were not associated with the Adventist Church otherwise.

To better build relationships between the church and school families, the annual weekend bridging event called Eagle Church Winter Retreat was held at Camp Idahaven in McCall, Idaho. This was a weekend of fun and worship. There, families were personally invited to attend the upcoming Revelation seminar. Accepting the invitation to attend the meetings proved to be life-changing for these families. They faithfully attended each night and were in awe of the simple, yet profound and hopeful truths being taught each night right out of the Bible.

Since their decisions, these two families have committed themselves to keep all Ten Commandments, as well as the faith of Jesus. Consequently, each couple has a child who was also baptized months later following a baptism class that took place at the school. Both of these families have become active in the Eagle Church Mobile Food Pantry, as well as the It Is Written SALT leadership and evangelism team. At Eagle Church, evangelism is an ongoing cycle of service, outreach, relationship building and harvesting events.