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5 Ways to Give Back During the Holidays

What brings you the most joy during the holidays? Maybe you look forward to spending quality time with family, maybe you enjoy eating delicious food or maybe your favorite part is giving and receiving gifts. Why not share some of your joy this season with people in your community? Here are five fun ways you can give back during the holidays.

1. Bake cookies for first responders

First responders such as firemen and police officers work hard all year round to keep your community safe. Thank them by making your favorite baked goodies for them to enjoy! Package the cookies in little gift bags and deliver them to your local fire or police station.

2. Donate warm clothes

Winter weather is cold! I bet you have a jacket, a few hats or a scarf that you don’t wear anymore. Gather gently-used, warm clothes like coats, gloves, hats and scarves, and donate them to your local shelter to help people in need stay warm.

3. Make cards for a nursing home

Elderly people in nursing homes can get lonely, especially if they don’t have family around to visit them. Brighten their day by crafting some homemade holiday cards for them. Contact the home ahead of time to see if you can deliver your cards yourself and visit with the residents!

4. Buy toys for shelter animals

Shelter animals don’t have a home or kids to play with. Head to your local pet store and purchase a few toys and treats for dogs or cats. Then deliver them to your local animal shelter. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll get to play with some of the animals!

5. Prepare a goodie box for deliverymen

Deliverymen work very hard during the holiday season to make sure you get your packages and cards on time. Help them fuel their route by setting out a basket filled with snacks on your porch with a sign. Include little bags of chips, cookies or crackers, as well as water bottles or juices. You can also write special thank you notes for all their hard work!

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