Golden Heart Students Fundraise by Reading

A few years ago, Golden Heart Christian School in Fairbanks, Alaska, held a reading marathon as a fundraiser to support their library needs. It has since become an annual event.

A couple of weeks prior, students are given the responsibility to ask friends, family, neighbors and teachers to sponsor them. Sponsors can choose to donate based on a flat rate or per page. Per page is a real challenge and the sponsor needs to be aware that it can add up with a fast reader.

Sponsors fill out a commitment form, and after the marathon, students follow up with sponsors to thank them, tell how the day went and request the funds promised. 

On the morning of the marathon, students wear pajamas, bring stuffed animals and blankets to turn their desks into forts. They also bring a supply of books from home. If anyone runs out of books, the library is available.

The kids are excited to get reading as soon as school begins. All is quiet in the beginning, but soon many early readers request help with sounding out words. This is a day for them to read independently and work hard on remembering their phonics. Upper graders revel in the quiet and seemingly workless environment. Staff take the time to grade, plan and prepare lessons.

Students are given a break following thirty minutes of reading. It's in the gym or outside, depending on the weather. Before heading to break, children gather more books to be ready for the next reading block. One older student was so engaged in her book she chose to read during most breaks.

This fundraiser continues to be a favorite day for students and teachers alike. GHCS students and staff look forward to its success in the new school year.

Featured in: September/October 2022


Jane Bador

Golden Heart Christian School teacher assistant