Image Credit: Gloria Beerman

Beermans Begin Retirement After Careers in Ministry

Stan and Gloria Beerman announced their retirements earlier this year, after long careers in education and ministry. Stan retired on April 30, and Gloria retires in August after wrapping up several projects.

The Beermans met as students at Walla Walla College and bonded over ministry. Now, decades later, they have spent their careers in ministry in three North Pacific Union Conferences — Idaho, Washington and Oregon. Most of those years, Gloria served as an educator while Stan pastored for a local congregation.

In 2006, the Oregon Conference asked Stan to move into the headquarters office as family life director and asked Gloria to take over an office just down the hall as the administrative assistant in the children’s ministries department, and as leader for Adventurers. Stan later moved into the role of ministerial director, and eventually to the position of assistant to the president. Three years ago, Gloria became the assistant director for children’s ministries.

As they begin retirement, they are looking forward to continuing to serve by speaking at churches, inspiring Sabbath School leaders and volunteering. Birding is also on their retirement list; identifying feathered friends is one of their favorite hobbies.

Read more about Stan and Gloria and their respective legacies on the Oregon Conference website at We wish them many years of happy exploring, connecting with others and staying connected to God.

Featured in: July/August 2022



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