Long-time College Place ABC Employee Reflects on Her Years of Service

After 22 years of service, relationship building and sharing stories with ABC Christian Bookstore customers, Kathy Geoghegan, store manager, retired from the College Place, Washington store.  

Geoghegan began her time at the ABC after relocating to the small town in January 2000. “We just became Adventists a year before we moved," she said. "So we were excited about all the churches and schools and, of course, the ABC Bookstore.”

Geoghegan began work at the ABC as a part-time salesclerk while renewing her real estate license. She continued to volunteer there even while working in real estate for approximately twelve years. When the manager position became available in 2014, her experience made her a perfect fit for the role.

“Thinking back over the years at the ABC," Geoghegan recalled, "my favorite part is selling Bibles to [people] who have just given their lives to the Lord — someone who has never even owned a Bible. It thrills my heart to see how excited they are and how they are filled with so much hope. They will come back and share how God is working in their lives. That never gets old!”

During her time at the ABC, Geoghegan formed lasting bonds with the customers. “As I look back over the past 22 years, my customers have become my friends,” she said. “I have laughed with them, cried with them and prayed with them. I will truly miss them all.”

Geoghegan retired in March and plans to remain in College Place. She continues to pray for God to guide her and her husband to where He wants to use them next. When asked what excitement retirement will bring, she shared, “I am looking forward to — if you can believe this — reading some books!”

“I am so grateful to the Upper Columbia Conference for letting me serve this wonderful community for so many years,” said Geoghegan. “The bookstore has been my passion, and I am truly going to miss every part of it.”

Featured in: May/June 2022


Makena Horton

North Pacific Union assistant communication director and Gleaner managing editor