CCA Students Bake Pies For a Cause

You'll find all sorts of cakes, brownies, cookies, cheesecakes, donuts and more in any grocery bakery.

While these treats are all quite tasty, most will admit that homemade desserts are far more delicious! So, what is, perhaps, one of the delicious desserts? Which dessert never goes out of style? Pie!

From cherry, pumpkin, apple, marionberry and more, pie is, perhaps, the most timeless of all desserts.

It is the apple pie that students at Cascade Christian Academy in Wenatchee, Washington recognize as one of the most delicious. It's simple baking process and incandescent flavor is an opportunity. The CCA community shares this yummy treat with the community to raise money for a good cause.

The annual CCA apple pie fundraiser held its fourth event in November 2021. Everyone rallied as a team to make the biggest and best of the apple pie fundraisers yet. Flyers were printed, volunteers were gathered, apples were donated by parents and the pie making and baking began!

Thirty high school students and four adult volunteers signed up to help. Students started the work on a Friday, while the rest of the work was finished over the weekend. It resulted in 150 pies, most of which had already been pre-purchased before even being made!

What a blessing! All the proceeds from the fundraiser have helped fund CCA’s spiritual activities to help students grow in their faith.

The annual CCA apple pie fundraiser event has become a staple in the community, with people looking forward to getting their homemade pies, knowing their money is supporting a good cause. Stephanie Gates, CCA Principal, noted that during these trying times, when everything seems up in the air, “anything ‘normal’ builds community." She is right. It was wonderful to see what joy the fundraiser brought this school year. 

Volunteers for the event always have a blast. “I was surprised how fun it was for everyone to be together," said Halle Gates, a CCA student. "I’m looking forward to the spiritual activities like a future mission trip, spiritual retreat and Bible Camp!”

With the pies having already been devoured, everyone is looking forward to participating in the next apple pie fundraiser. The CCA community thanks all those involved for their support!


Kasey Bais

Cascade Christian Academy writer and God's Closet volunteer