Forest Grove Church Gatherings and Fellowship in 2021

The Forest Grove Church in Oregon drew closer to God and each through the many activities held in 2021. For pandemic safety, weekly Sabbath school and church services were presented both in-person and livestreamed via YouTube and Facebook. Viorel Rosca, Forest Grove Church pastor, along with several church members, gave in-home Bible studies in addition to weekly Wednesday evening worships and devotions via Zoom. Small groups met monthly at Friday night vespers where they enjoyed singing together, evening devotions and a fellowship potluck meal — a wonderful way to welcome the holy Sabbath day.

Many more social activities were held in 2021, including a fall harvest chili feed and game night, craft night, hikes on nearby trails, summer family water fun and cooking classes. The fellowship hall and church parking lot provided a place for people to come together, even if it was as simple as working on a puzzle together. The gym provided a fun place for all ages to play basketball, volleyball and other fun games.

During the year, the Holy Spirit had been working on hearts, including close neighbors. A visitor, who lives across the street from the church, was drawn to the events and services. She had been studying the Bible and looking for a church that followed the truth. She is now baptized into the church and is overjoyed that she found a loving church family.

Indeed, God has blessed the Forest Grove congregation. Even through the many gatherings, it has not become a source of virus outbreak or hotspot. Praise is given to His name for protecting His trusting people.

Featured in: January/February 2022