Out of the Darkness

November 24, 2021 | Church | Steve Rogers

The Kamiah Advenitst Church recently concluded our “Journey Out of Darkness and into the Light” evangelistic series. We held the meetings at the Clearwater Motel conference room in Kamiah, Idaho. The weekend prior, Dr. Stan Hudson from the North Pacific Union Conference presented his “Origins” seminar as a sowing/bridge building event for the evangelistic meetings that would follow. At the end of his presentations, Stan concluded by saying: "Now you know how it all began, would you like to know how it will end? Come next weekend to find out." This was a great bridge to the following meetings and we did have several of the guests come back, PRAISE THE LORD!

The meetings were well attended, beginning with around sixty and ending with around thirty in attendance. Appeals were given at the conclusion of each meeting and decisions were made. Five of the six individuals expressing their decision for baptism are continuing their studies in preparation for a baptismal celebration.

The meetings were a blessing to guests as well as church members alike and we are eagerly anticipating several baptisms in the near future as a result.