Get Crafty and Give

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the perfect time to bring an extra smile to your neighbors or someone in your church family. The holidays can be a sad time for some people. Wouldn't you like to find a way to make a difference when they need it most?

These paper ornaments are an extra special way to share Jesus' love with people who need a little encouragement. All it takes is a little paper, staples and string or ribbon.

  1. Always ask permission before you begin a craft project. Better yet, invite a grown up to join you!
  2. Pick some colorful paper (Scrapbook paper works great. You can even recycle old Gleaners!).
  3. Cut long strips about a half-inch thick. Be sure to ask and adult to find scissors that are safe for you to use.
  4. Pick 6 strips.
  5. Line up 2 of the strips of paper and cut off 1 to 1 ½ inches from the end.
  6. Line up another 2 of the strips of paper and cut off 2 ½ to 3 inches from the end.
  7. Put the longest strips of paper together. Put middle length strips of paper on the outside side of the longest strips of paper. Then put the shortest strips on the outside of the other strip of paper.
  8. Make sure one end of all 6 strips of paper are lined up, then staple them together. 
  9. Bend each strip of paper down so it meets the stapled end. This creates a heart shape.
  10. Staple or tape all the ends together.
  11. Add a loop of string or ribbon to the center of the heart for a hanger. 

Watch this how-to video

Featured in: November/December 2021