Former Addict Sheds Light on Recovery

November 09, 2021 | Mission and Outreach | Todd Parker

Cheri Peters, author, speaker and host of True Step Ministries’ Celebrating Life in Recovery, travelled to Dillingham and Togiak, Alaska to host community sessions on recovering from abuse, dysfunction and addiction. Celebrating Life in Recovery is an international television program focusing on recovery issues. 

Planning to be in the area for several days, Peters arrived in Dillingham on Friday, August 13th. That morning, she visited Jake's Place, the local drug and rehabilitation center. She talked to those who were struggling with addictions and listened to their stories. She gave away Steps to Christ Recovery Edition books and they were well received and appreciated by recipients. Friday evening and Sabbath morning, she spoke at the Dillingham Church and shared her life journey of recovery and provided hope to those struggling with life’s challenges.

Sabbath afternoon, Peters and a group of Dillingham members flew to the village of Togiak where most of the population of 800 are Alaska Natives. Again, she told her life story. The Alaska Conference has a small church in Togiak. The Arctic Mission Adventure workers who lead the community in weekly services recently relocated to the lower 48. But—praise God—there were 15 young people along with others from the community who eagerly listened to her testimony.

After the meeting, Peters stayed up late into the evening tirelessly talking and listening to individuals who had loved ones or who themselves were struggling with addictions. There were those who could relate to her life and what she had been through. Many people were greatly blessed by her personal testimony and how the Lord saved her from addiction. She also spoke about how the Lord is using her now to help others. 

During her visit, Peters was able to experience some Alaskan adventures. She enjoyed four-wheeling, berry picking and watching salmon fishing. She even got to try delicious fry bread and Akutaq, which is also known as Eskimo ice cream.

Sharing her experiences was invaluable to those who came to listen and apply her knowledge of overcoming addictions.