NPUC Creation Center Acquires Mammoth Bone

Along with a number of other fossil and geological specimens, the Creation Study Center in Ridgefield, Washington, has acquired a giant leg bone of an ancient mammoth. It's a part of the lifetime collection of retired science teacher, Joe Young from Walla Walla, Washington.

The rear femur is 41 inches long and weighs 47 pounds. “It’s in beautiful condition and, thus, rare,” says Stan Hudson, the Creation Study Center’s director. “We want to put it on display in our museum, but its size is going to require a customized mount. It’s too big for our cases.” 

Young dug the bone up himself nearly 50 years ago near Walla Walla where more than 30 mammoth sites are recorded in the area. The bone has been part of Washington’s official “state fossil" collection. The official Washinton state fossil is the Columbia mammoth (Mammuthus columbi).

Visitors are welcome to the Creation Study Center to see the bone and many other acquired fossils. For more information, contact the North Pacific Union Conference office museum hours as well as the latest pandemic protocol:


Stan Hudson

North Pacific Union Conference creation ministries director