JCS Thrives Despite Worries

July 10, 2021 | Education | Tiarra Wood

As the 2020–2021 school year approached, pandemic uncertainty worried teachers and parents at Journey Christian School in Kelso, Washington.

"Can we start school in person?"

"What would it look like?"

"Will we be online and for how long?"

Despite these questions, they trusted God had big plans for the year. 

Indeed, God did come through for JCS! Not only was the school able to open for in-person learning on the first day of school, it was blessed with the appropriate space-to-desk ratio to meet physical distance requirements. Volunteers prepared an outdoor classroom where students could build forts, read and enjoy Bible classes. 

Students were equally as excited to learn about math and science as they were to learn about Jesus. In learning about God’s love, some felt comfortable enough to be themselves for the first time. Remarkably, some new students are now taking baptismal classes though they had never learned how to pray. 

Journey Christian School is a safe place for students because teachers believe every student was handpicked by God. There is a sincere desire to care for children as Jesus did in Mark 10:16. The JCS community is grateful and honored to be in God's mission field where, despite the pandemic, God's blessings are abundantly present.