Idaho Conference Plans for Operation Exponential Growth

The Idaho conference has plans in place for a major membership drive in the fall of 2021 called Operation Exponential Growth. 

The evangelism outreach directly correlates with the Idaho Conference’s mission and vision. Its four strategic priorities are: 

  • Facilitate exponential Christ-centered church growth—spiritual, discipleship and numerical
  • Recruit, grow, equip and empower strong Christian leaders
  • Engage youth and young adults in all aspects of ministry
  • Strengthen and grow our Adventist schools

Operation Exponential Growth, built off the conference’s first strategic priority, is a multifaceted plan that aims to involve all members across the Idaho conference. Things kick off with an evangelism boot camp to train members. Following this training there will be a period of invitation where interested seekers are invited to participate in bible studies. The invitations will go out via a media campaign and door hanger ads throughout the conference territory. 

The public invitation period will be followed by evangelism meetings. In addition to key population centers, meetings will be live streamed and carried in smaller communities as satellite meeting centers. Other Idaho Conference churches have independent local evangelism efforts planned to coincide with the large meetings.

A special prayer effort called Operation Jericho is planned during the entire evangelism outreach. Church congregations in the conference and members are encouraged to prayer walk their neighborhoods. 

David Prest, Idaho Conference president said, “I really believe we are living in what we can call the last days of earth’s history. I encourage our pastors and members in the Idaho Conference to wholeheartedly embrace this initiative and move forward with faith. God will bring the results. We know there are people all around us who are searching. Right now God has given us the opportunity to bring them the assurance of eternal life.”

This large-scale evangelism thrust is a joint effort made possible through partnerships with the North Pacific Union and sister conferences. 

"We're excited to partner with our small conferences to help them share the gospel with more people than they are currently able to reach on their own," said John Freedman, NPUC president. "We're providing additional evangelism funding and working to coordinate key support staff from the union and our larger conferences to help with the outreach."

For more information on how to get involved with Operation Exponential Growth, please contact Don Klinger at the Idaho Conference at

Featured in: July/August 2021


Jay Wintermeyer

North Pacific Union assistant to the president for communication and Gleaner editor